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Siberian Lynx

(lynx lynx)

siberian lynx

Our Hero, a Siberian Lynx was rescued from a fur farm in Nova Scotia. He was only a number, and survived because we was a good breeder. He was rescued from the fur trade to live out his life here at BCFC. World wide efforts to eliminate the sale of fur have dwindled the demand for the pelt of this beautiful creature. He has two female companions. Natasha was in a roadside attraction and was rescued when that venture failed. Shakira was another Texan whose owner’s failing health forced her to re-home Shakira with us.

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North American Bobcat

(lynx rufus) Photo: Winterman's Wildlife Images My name is “Sapphire.”  I am a North American Bobcat and my species is indigenous to the State of Florida.  My original owner lived in California. When his fiancee demanded “me or the cat” he drove her cross country to live with us at Bear Creek.  Now, I have a family and I am happy!  My handsome mate is named “Crockett” and I have a spoiled, and beautiful daughter named “Tiger Lily.” We also have “Sweet Pea”- sister wife to Crockett. She is a Texas range bobcat from Arkansas, donated by a rescue to enrich the breeding program at Bear Creek.

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Melanistic Geoffrey’s Cat

(oncifelas geoffroyi)

melanistic geoffroy catMy name is “Panther” because I am ebony with very faint spots and I resemble a South American Puma. I weigh less than 10 pounds as a full grown female! But don’t let my small size fool you, I am not a housecat and quite fierce and quite shy. You may see my mate, “Brewster Cogburn” who is more outgoing.

The Geoffrey’s cat is protected by “CITES Appendix I” in all ranges where I exist in the wild. I am extremely endangered….only a few of my kind live in captivity in North America.

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(herpailurus yaguarundi)

jaguarundiWe are Jaguarundis. It is BCFC’s mission to confirm that we exist in the Florida Wilds! We are native to Central & South America and have migrated up into Texas. People at BCFC contend that we made it over into Florida many year ago, so they have launched “The Search for Littlefoot” in Tate’s Hell State Management Area, near Carrabelle, Florida, to prove our existance in the Sunshine State.

jaguarundi breeding in florida

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Geoffroy’s Cat

(oncifelas geoffroyi)

geoffroys-catMy name is “Brewster Cogburn” and I am a rare, Argentinian Geoffroy’s Cat. I may be enticing, but watch out! Don’t get too close to my enclosure because I may try to take a swipe at you. I live with my mate “Panther” in the shade of 100 year old Oak trees.

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