Urgent Help for Bear Creek

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21 hours ago

Bear Creek Feline Center

Dear Friends and Supporters: We will be closed indefinitely while we clean up after Michael. Our immediate needs include donations to help feed the cats. They require $600 per day for food. Professional services are also needed in the way of roofing, fencing, electricians, and tree services. ...

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21 hours ago

Bear Creek Feline Center
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Florida Panther – Saint

This photo of Bear Creek Feline Center is courtesy of TripAdvisor

“Saint”, began his work in television and print. A much sought after and highly skilled model, he was trained by the organization that trains cats for Jim Fowler and other celebrities. After a rewarding career, he retired from the stress and travel associated with being an ambassador for the Florida Panther species. He enjoys life at Bear Creek with his mate, “Dani”.



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