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This photo was made of Dani, BCFC's Florida Panther, made by professional photographer Thaddeus Wilkins. Dani likes to sit up like a squirrel for early morning meat treats. This cat (puma concolor) was rehomed to us over a decade ago as a "failed pet attempt." She was originally given to a 13 year old teen age boy....that relationship continued until he met 13 year old girls (homo sapien). She was given the name Dani after the Red Hot Chile Pepper's recording of Dani California was released. ...

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“As servals use their large ears to pinpoint the location of prey, they seldom hunt on extremely windy days. They top out at 40 pounds (18 kilograms) yet have the largest ears of any cat!” ...

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What a beautiful cougar 😻 ...

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WYDD Streaming RadioBIG NEWS…. We’re streaming…  We offer free podcasts to Churches, schools, conservationists, etc et al.  Your assistance in getting the word out will be appreciated.  We can accept MP3 files, either 30 or 60 second spots or full length 30 or 60 minute programs, by email – and it’s free!



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