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A Loving Home to Displaced Exotic Cats

Bear Creek Feline Center provides a permanent home to displaced Bobcats, Florida Panthers, African Servals, Jaguarundi and Siberian Lynx. 

Educational opportunities are available.


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“Joy to the Cats”

Bear Creek Feline Center New Video Series
Getting Involved

Opportunities Available

Intern Programs

We offer opportunities to those who seek to log time working with the Center’s 21 big cats (5 species). We are particularly interested in the development of an enrichment tool. This wireless device would enable handlers to have no direct contact with dangerous felines during behavior/enrichment exercise. 

MakING a Donation

You may either make a direct donation, or support us through our educational activities. We welcome the opportunity to educate the public about these beautiful cats. Please contact us to learn how you can get involved.


About Us

The Sanctuary

Bear Creek Feline Center (BCFC) was founded in April, 2000 by James E. Broaddus II. The facility was established to make homes to Class I & Class II felidae. 

The Center Gained 501(C)(3) Non Profit Charity Status, US Internal Revenue Service, August 2007, EIN 26-0727807.



BCFC is licensed by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission as by the USDA. Bear Creek gained curriculum approval from the State of Florida Department of Education as a Vocational Rehabilitation/On the Job Training Center, November, 2010. The center holds a current “Work Site Agreement” with the State of Florida, Department of Corrections, issued December 2009.


The center is maned 24/7 by licensed staff members.  Those who wish to enter the sanctuary for guided excursions should call 850-722-9927 or email

Species in Residence

BCFC makes permanent homes to the three felid species that exist in Florida’s wilds: Florida Panther, Jaguarundi and Florida Bobcat. Additionally, BCFC makes homes to Siberian Lynx, Cougars and Mountain Lions as well as African Servals.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Vision: To bridge the gap between professional zoos and private institutions as we make permanent homes to retired celebrities, confiscations and failed pet attempts. We aim to support Fish & Wildlife agencies by offering resources that are current and progressive, promoting optimal welfare and safety. Conservation of wild felines through educational opportunities while providing sanctuary is tantamount to the success of the project moving forward.