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Founder’s Message

Dear Friends:

How You can help us grow with our mission of education, conservation and preservation!

How You can help us grow with our mission of education, conservation and preservation!

Much has happened since April 1, 2000, when BCFC was established under the giant oak trees here in the Bear Creek Community. We have logged thousands of hours to obtain five licenses and we now make permanent homes to twenty four exotic felines. Working with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, the USDA and the Feline Conservation Federation, we have been instrumental in re-homing five tigers, nine cougars, one mountain lion, two jungle cats, three African leopards, one snow leopard, one caracal and countless African servals. The state continues to ask us to re-home more unwanted, mostly altered felines. These great cats need to be given their space if we are to enjoy them in the future.

Bear Creek Feline Center (BCFC) is recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. So far, we are entirely powered by volunteers, something we hope to change in the near future! One hundred percent of all donations are deposited into our general fund to pay for food, vet bills, habitat construction and maintenance.

We make this appeal: We ask for your financial support by making a tax deductible donation to help us meet our goals for growth. Please contact us to schedule a private tour to view first hand what we do here at BCFC.

We promise that you will enjoy the happy, family atmosphere here at Bear Creek Feline Center as you meet our resident felines up close and personal. We await the opportunity to share the stories that brought these beautiful cats to us. We hope they our family of felines will be be enjoyed by Bay County residents and visitors for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact me directly with your offers of support, your comments for improvements, or just to let me know how much you enjoyed your visit.

James E Broaddus, II, Founder