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Volunteer & Educational Opportunities at BCFC

keeper exchange program

BCFC offers internships whereby selected individuals may gain experience preparatory for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission’s licensing process. You may contact us by email for application and interview.

Volunteer Program Curriculum:

  • Orientation to six species of lessor cats including Bobcat, Jaguarundi, Florida Panthers, African Servals, South American Geoffroy’s Cat and Siberian Lynx.
  • Enrichment techniques with both contact and no contact felines.
  • Briefing with Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission.
  • Briefing with Dr. Carla Hubbard, DVM.
  • Workshop on networking, import, export, and CITES.
  • Workshop on habitat development and cage construction.
  • Animal Care: Interns will be involved in the daily care of the animals upon completing training including: food preparation, cleaning, maintenance of the enclosures, grounds, compounds.
  • Interns will be involved in public education involving private tours at BCFC.
  • Interns will participate in outreach sessions which are scheduled at public schools.

Keeper Exchange Program:

Bear Creek offers billets to both National and International curators and keepers. These programs permit our professional colleagues opportunities to gain experience with all six feline species who make permanent homes at the BCFC. Please contact us by email for more information.

Thierry Plaud, French volunteer feeding "Sally" the Caracal.

Thierry Plaud, French volunteer feeding “Sally” the Caracal.

Honza Vasek Zoo Jihlava

Guest curator, Honza Vasek, Zoo Jihlava, Czech Republic, as he works with “Dani” the Panther!