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BCFC’s State inspection  was completed this morning with no “non compliant” issues.  Thanks to each of you who continue to make BCFC the best place ever for the cat!

Worthy of note:  We are advised that the FFWCC is relaxing their policy with reference to the number of Class I felids that can be kept by a “Grandfathered” Class I Cougar facility like BCFC.  This means that our Puma Concolor inventory can be increased, but NOT the number of Class I species.  In other words, cubs born to Dani/Saint would be permitted.  We are legal to possess additional cougar adults.  We are not permitted to add leopards, tigers, lions or other big cats, although I personally have the log books to support experience with these cats.  Our acreage limits us to grandfathered puma concolor at this facility.