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“Thanks so much for the tour. We enjoyed it immensely. My daughter was reading the volunteer booklet on the way home and asking what she needed to do to work there. She’s only 8. You all have an amazing place and we look forward to visiting again.”
Stephanie Starke
Fellowship of Christian Teaching Homes

“What you are doing is amazing and we appreciate you sharing your knowledge and incredible animals with our family. Your staff was also very patient and good at helping our children to better understand and respect the cats. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience!”

Valeri Gidcomb

“The Cat Encounter was GREAT!!!! I think everyone had a great time. I was the Lucky one, I got peed on….. They were all super friendly!!!……This was the BEST field trip I have ever went on!!!”


“We had a wonderful day and enjoyed the facility greatly. The staff there was friendly, helpful….and I could not believe they provided us snacks!…… God gave us a great afternoon to spend there.”

Many Thanks!

Recent Comments“My family and friends had a great time taking the tour. All of the staff was very friendly and informative. We loved having the opportunity to get up close and pet the serval and bobcat! Thank you for your dedication to these animals.”

Wendi Ringenberg