(herpailurus yaguarundi)

jaguarundiWe are Jaguarundis. It is BCFC’s mission to confirm that we exist in the Florida Wilds! We are native to Central & South America and have migrated up into Texas. People at BCFC contend that we made it over into Florida many year ago, so they have launched “The Search for Littlefoot” in Tate’s Hell State Management Area, near Carrabelle, Florida, to prove our existance in the Sunshine State.

jaguarundi breeding in florida

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Geoffroy’s Cat

(oncifelas geoffroyi)

geoffroys-catMy name is “Brewster Cogburn” and I am a rare, Argentinian Geoffroy’s Cat. I may be enticing, but watch out! Don’t get too close to my enclosure because I may try to take a swipe at you. I live with my mate “Panther” in the shade of 100 year old Oak trees.

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Florida Panther – Dani

(puma concolor coryi)

florida panther breedingMy name is “Dani” and I am a high percentage Florida Panther. I am a small female and, as a full grown adult, I weigh only about 60 pounds. I am proud to be a part of BCFC’s conservation breeding program with my mate “Saint.”

I was originally gifted to a 13 year old boy as a kitten. At 6 months, his parents rehomed me when the boy discovered girls, and lost interest in taking care of me. 

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African Serval

(leptailurus serval or felis serval)

African Serval

I am “Chakka,” the matron of our esteemed Serval colony.  I am proud to be a part of Bear Creek’s educational program because I like attention! My species has been kept by humans in Africa for more than 1000 years, and we are somewhat domesticated. But there is no doubt about our heritage in the wild.

“Cheetah” is one of the “stars” in our group. He retired to Bear Creek from his career in show business. He impersonated a “Cheetah” in a male revue based in Texas. Hence his name. He is paired with “Sheena”, the daughter of “Aza” and “Chakka”, two of the resident original cats when Bear Creek was just a dream. Our sweet ambassadors are usually available for some gentle petting during your tour. The Servals here at Bear Creek are very happy to get love and attention from all of our visitors.

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